Pipeline Nation - What's your Why?

I was deployed to Iraq with the XVIII Airborne Corps out of Fort Bragg, NC, from January 19th to November 21st, 2011. 
Iraq was quiet during that time as the US forces were moving out and shutting the theater down. My deployment wasn’t hard at all.  I don’t have great war stories about being pinned down and cut off like them boys in Afghanistan. We maybe took indirect fire twice a week, and the Iraqis aim was terrible. Truth is, I never left the base except for 2 times when we traveled from Camp Slayer to FOB Union 3 into downtown Baghdad.  There is however one memory that sticks with me to this day and always will. 
SGT Mark A. Cofield. 
Mark was my friend, and the person who made me who I am today. But, at a moment in July, when all his friends were gone on R&R and he was by himself, he walked into a bunker, lit a cigarette, and took his own life. 
Yes, Pipeline Nation sells hats and clothing. Just like ever other Pipeline clothing store out there. But, Pipeline Nation exists to promote the blue-collar lifestyle of Pipeliners, and to give back to soldiers who need it most. 
For every item Pipeline Nation sells, a portion of that sell goes directly to those veterans that need it.
Non-profit Veteran organizations we support are Hope for the Warriors and The Fisher House Foundation. 
So, thank you for being a part of something bigger than just hats and t-shirts. 
For those who have served and are currently serving. Thank you. 
For those who have given it all and have made the ultimate sacrifice. We Salute You. 
That’s Pipeline Nation’s WHY.

Pipeline Nation